Code Change Packets by Jurisdiction

To The Membership of the International Association of Building Officials:
The association, under the leadership of the IABO board of Directors, continues to look for ways to provide viable services to you the membership. One service that was suggested   by one of our members is to establish a bank of information containing code adoptions from around the country. These packages are those that have already been adopted by the governance bodies of communities nationwide. These will include the 2009 and 2012 Codes and Standards.
The 2009 and 2012 codes have met strong opposition throughout the country due to the economy, cost of implementation, increases in volume and complexity of the codes, etc. By posting these documents on our website, building officials can view these models to assist them in their own adoption efforts. They can view amendments to various areas of the code and within the same geographical regions or states.
By reviewing adoption packages from around the country, other jurisdictions can see what other communities are doing. This question always comes up when adopting codes from our elected officials, i.e., what are other cities or states doing? Now you have the answers. By supplying this information, we can also strengthen the building official network system. Now you will be able to contact building officials in other communities and get plugged into the decision making process behind their amendments and adoption process.
I am requesting that any member whose jurisdiction has already adopted the most current codes i.e., the 2009 or 2012 codes, to send us your adoption documents, i.e., ordinance, summaries, matrices, etc. We will post them on our website at for other members to use in assisting them in their adoption processes.
You can send your adoption documents to for processing.
Submitted code adoption packages:
City of Kansas City, Missouri
City of Overland Park, Kansas
State of Utah
City of Olathe, Kansas
City of Olympia, Washington
County of Anne Arundel, Maryland
County of Johnson, Kansas
State of Virginia Virginia Building Code and IRC amendments Virginia Rehab Code amendments Virginia Property Maintenance Code amendments is the link to ICC with all of the Virginia amendments incorporated into the I Codes

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